• - [High Power Binocular] This binoculars has 10x magnification, 50mm objective lens and wide field of view, 90/1000m, makes you look farther and wider. Ideal for bird watching, safari sightseeing, travel, concerts, wildlife watching, outdoor sport activities, etc.
  • - [High Quality FMC Optics] FMC coating and premium BAK4 prism, it ensurethe image you view bright and sharp. All design can mostly reflect the light to keep a good image and make you have a amazing experience. Professional binoculars for all outdoor sports activities.
  • - The 15-45X60A bird mirror has high-magnification focus, which can zoom in and out with the zoom, and the dual focus system can quickly adjust the focus point
  • - BAK4 prism + FMC full optical layer coating, light transmittance of up to 97%, color reproduction is more real
  • - Designed with 25x30mm high-definition magnification, the multi-coated optical lens ensures excellent light transmittance and brightness, and can reach a field of view of 126 meters at 1000 meters, helping you get a clearer and wider field of vision.
  • - Made of high-quality aluminum and gold alloy, the hand-held part is covered with high-quality leather, which is stylish and very durable. In addition, the leather design, shock absorption, non-slip, very easy to hold and use.
  • - High-definition binoculars with 12x magnification, 55mm objective and 369ft/1000yd field of view, providing clear and bright images and varied fields of view. Great for hiking, hunting, climbing, bird watching, ball games, concerts, wildlife viewing and scenery.
  • - High-refractive index BAK4 prisms and Multi-Coated Coated Lenses (FMC) provide excellent light transmittance and brightness to ensure lifelike images. With low-light night vision function, you can get high-quality images even in low-light conditions, providing you with an amazing viewing experience.
  • - [12X50 HD high-power monoculars] Provides 12 times magnification, the objective lens is up to 50 mm in diameter, and the best viewing distance is 96m/1000m, providing clear and bright images and different views. It is very suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, wildlife, scenery, etc.
  • - [High contrast and resolution image] The zoom telescope is equipped with BAK-4 prism and full multi-coated (FMC) lens to ensure excellent light transmittance and brightness. The light transmittance reaches 99.5%. With low-brightness night vision function, it can help you see things in low light (you can't see anything in complete darkness), providing you with an amazing viewing experience. The adjustable eye mask also allows you to rotate up and down easily and quickly, allowing you to get the best viewing angle even when wearing glasses.
  • - Full 12x magnification, 50mm object lens diameter, more clear, even low light condition,ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand.( Net heavy weight : 0.63 lb).
  • - BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics green film offer crisp clear images with improved light transmission,ensuring superior light 99.5% transmission and brightness.
  • - With 10X magnification and 52mm objective lens diameter, it provides clear and bright images and different fields of view. It is very suitable for hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, bird watching, ball games, concerts, tourism, and watching wild animals and scenery;
  • - The monoculars equipped with BAK4 prism and fully-coated lens, the larger the objective lens, the more light enters the monocular, and the brighter the image. Clear and no black edges, the image is super clear and sharp;
  • - The large-diameter objective lens is 50mm, which has a larger field of view, large luminosity, high brightness, brighter and clearer imaging colors, and no chromatic aberration. The eyepiece diameter is up to 18.5mm, the real large eyepiece design, suitable for viewing, stable image, no dizziness and cramped feeling. 10-30 times continuous zoom, any magnification can be adjusted to meet your different viewing needs.
  • - BAK4 optical prism, the refractive index is much higher than BAK7, the light transmittance is 99.5%, the lens is made of all-optical glass material, FMC multi-layer coating, the image is transparent, the color is sharp, and there is no chromatic aberration. In low light conditions, you can also get a good observation effect.
  • - Made of all-optical glass, it has very strong transparency, and is coated with ultra-clear multi-layer FMC broadband green film, the color is bright and transparent, and the matting design on the edge can effectively reduce the fatigue of the glasses; the all-optical glass lens is used, and the eyepieces are coated with multiple layers Blue film, good light transmittance, no chromatic aberration, so that the image is bright, clear and sharp;
  • - Convex and non-slip design is adopted, which is not easy to slip. Rotate the hand wheel to adjust the sharpness and achieve accurate focus. The operation is very convenient;