• - Professional Bluetooth Lavalier lapel microphone, easy to connect, covering 50 feet of Bluetooth signal. Can be used with any of your smart phones,include iPhone and Android, iPad. Ideal for online courses, zoom meetings, interviews, video content creators, tutorial videos, home recording, games, Yahoo recording and YouTube recording.
  • - Use Gialer new tech wireless lavalier microphone to increase your likes, viewers and subscribers on social media by ten-fold. Any professional job dealing with content creation will benefit using this Gialer Smart Microphone. it is portable and has professional product design with premium chipset which produces great sound, and has more than 6 hours working time per charge.
  • - Plug and play, directly connected to the USB2.0/type-c port, used to record music, live streaming, etc. It can be easily used in all computer systems without any additional software
  • - It adopts a back-pole diaphragm microphone, which has a wider sound pickup range than ordinary electret microphones on the market, with clearer sound and better sound quality restoration
  • - Intelligent noise reduction, restore human voice: When a sound enters the microphone, the microphone will automatically start noise reduction processing to ensure a clean sound
  • - The transmitter itself has a built-in microphone and a microphone input jack, which supports an external lavalier microphone; the body can be directly worn on the body to receive the sound at close range and increase the volume; at the same time, it provides a way to use the lavalier microphone, which can be directly clipped to the microphone. Use on collar
  • - The frequency microphone has a built-in professional high-performance super cardioid pickup, with dual-head complementary interference pickup technology, specifically designed for cameras and high-sensitivity condenser microphones, which can improve recording quality. The camera microphone has a wide frequency response and high-definition sound resolution.
  • - The camera microphone uses a standard 3.5mm stereo plug and a standard camera universal connector. Designed to fit SLR cameras, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and other DV camcorders.
  • - The body is compact and weighs only 52g, no pressure to wear on the body
  • - Start-up and use, no need to pair, pairing in seconds after booting, saving tedious operations
  • - Button C is heart-shaped, and button O is omnidirectional. Video microphones are ideal for interviews, sports events, ambient audio, music, Facebook live broadcasts, YouTube, etc. Camera microphones are mainly used in professional fields such as photography and interviews.
  • - This iphone microphone has a wide frequency response and high-definition sound resolution. The special anti-vibration design can effectively reduce the vibration noise and provide you with an excellent recording experience when making videos.
  • - Built-in high-grade cardioid condenser box, a more professional pickup than standard directional microphones, can achieve clearer audio recording, including a sturdy shock mount, which can minimize operating noise
  • - Durable aluminum structure and battery-free design, with furry windshield, windshield foam cover can minimize the interference caused by wind noise and background noise
  • - 【Plug & Play Wireless Lavalier Microphone】 Say goodbye to cluttered cables, this wireless lavalier microphone simply plugs the receiver into your phone, the M9 wireless microphone automatically matches immediately and you can start recording or shooting. No APP and Bluetooth Needed, plug and play anytime, anywhere.
  • - 【DSP Intelligent Noise Cancelling】 Built in DSP intelligent noise cancellation, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and anti-vibration sound chamber. In the outdoor can also maintain a vocals clearly, bid farewell to the influence of ambient noise, to avoid the embarrassment of speaking loudly.
A$35.01 A$29.99
  • - 【2022 New Upgraded Wireless Lavalier Microphone】Just clip the Leereel wireless mic to your collar and plug the receiver(Lightening port) on your devices, and they will automatically connect. Just plug and play directly, No APP or Bluetooth are required.
  • - 【Intelligent Noise Reduction & Auto-sync Real-time】Built in intelligent noise reduction chip, 44.1~48kHz stereo CD quality, support multi-channel real-time mixing. Minimize noise, keep the vocals carried through clearly even amid noisy environment. Sync the background music for device and human voice in real time, reduce video post-editing, offers professional full band audio, provides you and your followers a better experience in watching videos.
A$50.02 A$42.99
  • - 2022 New Upgraded Wireless Lavalier Microphone - Just clip the Leereel wireless mic to your collar and plug the receiver(Lightening port) on your devices, and they will automatically connect. Just plug and play directly, No APP or Bluetooth are required.
  • - Multi-Scenes Usage & 65FT Audio Range - This cordless tiny lav mic is designed for YouTube Facebook Live Streaming, TikTok Creators, Vlogging Starters, Bloggers and other video recording lovers.. From now on, say goodbye to messy cables and poor noise cancellation. Easy to connect and cover 65FT for signal, 0.009s delay in transmission, helps you reduce power trouble and clearly recording or taking video at a further distance.
A$50.02 A$42.99
  • - 【2.4GHz Wireless Transmission Technology】Our wireless microphone adopts a high-sensitivity pickup microphone component, which helps the microphone to capture your voice with high sampling rate and restore your voice without any distortion. With an advanced chipset transmitting at 2.4 GHz, the wireless lavalier microphone enables interference-free, stable and low-latency wireless transmission up to 65 feet;
  • - 【800mAh Charging Case, Long Working Time】With a large capacity 800mAh charging case, you can easily power the microphone anytime, anywhere. Each charge provides up to 12 hours of continuous recording, and the charging case can charge the entire kit 7 times. The entire system can be used for up to a week of outdoor recording;
  • - 【Dual-channel radio】Standard equipped with 2 transmitters and a receiver, which can capture 2 sound sources at the same time, providing a perfect solution for recording interviews and two-person VLOG shooting needs. Plus it's super easy to use, just clip the wireless mic to your collar, plug the receiver into your Lightning port, and they'll automatically connect quickly. No APP or Bluetooth required, just plug and play.
  • - 【Multiple Scenes Use and 65ft Audio Range】- Specially designed for YouTube/Facebook Live, TikTok creators, Vloggers, Bloggers and other video recording enthusiasts, especially interviews. Easy to connect and cover signals up to 20m/65ft, with 0.009 second transmission delay, helping you reduce power failures and record or shoot video clearly at longer distances.
  • - 【Plug and Play】No need to connect bluetooth and APP, just plug the receiver directly into the Lightning port of the IOS device and it will automatically connect. The comfortable microphone is no burden, so you can get rid of the shackles of cables and easily realize video recording.
  • - 【2.4GHz Wireless Transmission Technology】Using high-sensitivity pickup technology, 0.009 seconds transmission delay can help you reduce power failures, stable and low-latency wireless transmission up to 65 feet ~ 70 feet, so you can also walk freely when recording video , don't worry about recording from a distance.
  • - 44.1/48KH stereo real-time pickup and transmission function is better than most traditional wireless Bluetooth microphones that only transmit mono voice quality at an 8khz/16khz rate. With the help of the 2.4GHz spectrum, after connecting a clip-on microphone to the receiver, you can record audio at a distance of 50 feet (15 meters) from the receiver;
  • - Built-in noise reduction microphone, algorithm noise reduction, 8-level adjustable noise reduction level, 360° recording; built-in real-time monitoring function, you can test whether it is working normally during the recording process, and monitor the audio status, complete the recording at one time, let your Recording is more professional and convenient;
  • - Intelligent Noise Reduction: Wireless microphone, upgraded professional noise reduction chip and windshield, intelligent noise reduction technology can effectively identify the original sound, 360° omni-directional radio, provide professional full-frequency audio 48KHz stereo CD sound quality, and record every detail clearly,It can be used normally at 120 meters without obstacles
  • - Wireless Transmission: Through the wireless connection of the microphone, real-time reception with zero delay, wireless free connection, stable signal, fast response, real-time monitoring, accurate expression Use YouTube/Facebook live broadcast, TikTok, Vlog, blog, podcast, Zoom, interview and others Easy playback of video recording.
A$100.06 A$75.99
  • - 【Plug and play, no APP or Bluetooth required】: the innovative wireless lavalier microphone is even more special and convenient. No need for APP and Bluetooth. Just plug the receiver into a Type-C device (USB C port) and power on the microphones and they will connect automatically. Note: After recording, you need to unplug the receiver to play
  • - 【7 hours working time and 65 feet audio range】: Built-in rechargeable battery, about 7 hours of use after about 2 hours of charging. Easy to connect, the signal exceeds 164FT, and uses real-time automatic synchronization technology, the transmission delay is 0.015s. Helps you reduce the hassle of power failures and record or shoot video clearly at greater distances.