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2 million HD wireless WiFi endoscope with 8 adjustable LED lights, support photo and video recording, for Android and iOS smartphones, Windows tablets
32 % OFF
  • - HD display: 200 pixels, high resolution of 1280x720, captures clear snapshot images and high-quality video at close range, comes with accessories for side mirrors, small hooks and magnets, practical and reliable;
  • - IP67 waterproof: 8m in diameter, 8 LED lights with adjustable brightness, easy to explore difficult-to-reach areas such as underwater pipes, car engines, ventilation pipes (the best effect is within the focal length range of 4-8cm);
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A$51.69 A$62.99 A$42.99
Wireless WiFi Endoscope, Near Focus 1200P HD Endoscope, IP68 Waterproof, with 8 Adjustable Leds and 5M Semi-Rigid Cable, Suitable for iOS, Android Phones, Windows, Mac
29 % OFF
  • - Stable performance and easy to use: no need for extra adapters, cables, networks. You can use your phone directly through the hotspot of the wifi box. Just download and install the APP application, no network is required, and multiple mobile phones can be connected at the same time, the screen is smooth and barrier-free;
  • - Latest WiFi endoscopes: Compatible (Android 4.2 or higher), iPhone IOS system (iOS 9.0 or higher), Windows/Mac/ipad/Samsung/Huawei/OnePlus/Tablet, PC. Note: When the WIFI box is not working, it needs to be charged, it takes about 1 hour to charge at 5V 1A, and the red light is off;
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A$60.03 A$68.99 A$48.99
Wireless Digital Microscope, 50x-1000x Portable Handheld USB Microscope Camera, Mini Pocket Microscope for Children and Adults, Microscope for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Windows, Mac OS
29 % OFF
  • - High-definition display: 200 pixels, true high-definition 1920*1080P video and 2MP image display, wireless high-speed transmission, no image delay after full charge. 50x-1000x magnification, 360-degree contact focusing, easy to use;
  • - wifi digital microscope: wireless wifi connection, get rid of the shackles of cables, use the provided app, and also take pictures and record videos like a camera, for iOS and Andriod, also compatible with Windows and Mac OS (requires USB port).
3 Review(s)
A$58.36 A$67.99 A$47.99
Wireless USB Inspection Camera, Waterproof Endoscope Inspection Camera with 6 LED Lights, 3 in 1 HD Endoscope Camera, Suitable for PC, Laptop, Computer, Android
44 % OFF
  • - Easy to use: The brightness is adjustable, and it can be used by adjusting the brightness of 6 LED lights when working in a specific area with insufficient light, which is convenient for observation and post-analysis. Comes with accessories for side mirrors, small hooks and magnets, practical and reliable;
  • - Flexible instrument tools: 5M semi-rigid cable can bend and keep its shape, which is convenient to explore various confined places and meet different usage needs;
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A$30.01 A$44.99 A$24.99