• - Two cameras can be worn at the same time.
  • - 70cm adjustable-professional camera strap can be adjusted as needed. The large, comfortable cotton pad will be placed perfectly without slipping. In addition, even if you are using a bulky camera and lens for all-day photo shooting, your neck will feel good!
  • - The camera shoulder strap can quickly adjust the shoulder strap, and the shoulder strap can be flexibly adapted to the fast-installed camera
  • - Padded stretch neoprene provides a high degree of safety for your shoulders, neck, and chest that you wear all day long, and provides cross-body protection and comfort for your camera.
  • - This retro classic camera strap is made of high-quality and durable cotton yarn and PU leather.
  • - The non-slip surface helps prevent your expensive equipment from accidentally slipping and better protect your equipment.
  • - One end is a 1/4" screw quick release plate, and the other end is an adjustable hand strap, which can be firmly fitted to any hand shape. The material is made of high-quality genuine leather and is durable. The eye buckle allows you to use the camera shoulder at the same time Band and wrist strap
  • - The camera leather wrist strap provides additional safety protection and helps prevent accidental slipping out of your hand. Provide better protection for the wrist and camera, and enjoy shooting at any time.