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SA254T1 94"/240cm Aluminum Lightweight Travel Tripod 4 Sections with 360° Ball Head

4.9 62 Review(s) KF09.086
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A$148.98 A$385.99 61% OFF
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. 30 Day No Reason Return. K&F Concept SA254T1 240cm 22lbs Travel Tripod features 360° Ball Head & Quick Release Plate for DSLR SLR. Stable & easy to set up.
  • KF09.086
  • SKU: KF09.086
  • 148.98
  • * 【Transverse Center Column】Central column moves from 0 to 180 degrees, can be rotated 360°horizontally, to realize panorama shooting.
  • * 【Strong Stability】25mm large diameter aluminum alloy tube,the load capacity can reach 22.04lbs (10kg), provide security and stability support for your dslr camera.
  • * 【Detachable Monopod】It can be turned into a lightweight monopod or walking stick alone to make your photography more diverse.
  • * 【360° PANORAMA】The 28mm large KF-28 metal ball head provide 10kg load capacity, it can be rotated 360 degrees, helping to expand dslr camera activity range when panoramic shooting.
  • * 【EASY SET UP】4 sections tube leg and the max diameter is 25mm; Spiral type locking knob allows you to adjust the working height in seconds; The height without column reaches 67.7'' and the height with 2 sections center column is 93.8'',making standing shooting easier.
Professional 94 inch Ultra-high Tripod
Transverse Center Column / Strong Stability / Compact & Flexible
Metal Ball Head / Detachable Monopod
360° Horizontal rotation
Make it easier for photography enthusiasts to realize panorama shooting
98.4 inch Detachable monopod
Can be used as camera monopod or converted into hiking alpenstock
Quick Release Plate
All aluminum magnesium alloy with forged technology
22lbs (10kg) Load capacity
1.1" (28mm) Large spheres are more stable.
Center column lock
Strong locking force
Angle adjustment button
Locking knob
Macro photograhy
The center axis can be inverted to give you the option for low shooting angles.
Easy To Shoot
The maximum height is 94.1”(239cm) and the minimum height is 27.2”(69cm)
Easy to carry
Tripod is made of high-quality magnesium-aluminum alloy, can be bent 180°, and weighs 2.0kg (including the pan/tilt).
Reviews (62)
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Running your hand along it, very smooth. The look, very shiny and professional. The strength, clearly above normal. The mobility, really high.It comes with it's own case, which I actually had no use for. I feel like a lot of companies put a lot in things that just pointlessly cost more money, and should instead put everything into the product, not the accessories.Overall though, this is a fantastic product. I really enjoy it.
Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Has A Lot Of Versatility
This is the most adaptable tripod I've ever seen.First off, It's extremely tall. I'm 6'3", and when it's fully deployed I can't reach the camera button to take a picture. If I wanted to get a crane shot with whatever I had on hand, this is what I would use. I might actually get some use out of the remote I purchased with my camera years ago.The monopod option feels a bit gimmicky, but if I had just enough room to take one (pod?) with me and felt like I might need a tripod, or a monopod, this is really the only thing I've ever seen that can be both.It has a 90 degree joint so I can get those top down product shots, and it even comes with a ball mount so I don't have to attach my own head. Speaking of the ball mount, it has a great smooth motion, so if I wanted to (and you have steady enough hands) I could use it as a steady axis for panning and tilting motion shots.On top of all that, the legs splay way out, so not only can I get extremely high shots, I can use this as a very low tripod that holds the camera inches away from the ground. With the 90 degree elbow arm, I can even hold the camera out to the side, and swing it upside down with the ball mount holding it at nearly ground level.The legs deploy fairly well. I've used legs with smoother action, but they're not bad.It's light and with the bag it's easy to carry around.The only thing left to talk about is the sturdiness. I'd call it mostly sturdy. I'd trust it to hold my camera, but on a windy day there will be motion in the shot. I can feel a bit of wiggle, and there's more with it fully extended. If I was using it for long exposure photography, I'd want to throw some sand bags on the hook.Overall a great tripod for anyone looking for an all-in-1 solution.Highly recommended.
Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility Has A Lot Of Versatility
Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4
I've got a few other lightweight/portable tripods for this price range, and they've all exceeded my expectations - everything felt extremely solid. On the other hand, this tripod feels like it should cost half the price that it does.In one solid piece as you pull it out of the bag, it looks and feels sturdy, but when you start to assemble it, its easy to notice all the poor tolerances. It's not every part, maybe only 30% of the entire tripod feels janky, but thats more than I'd expect at this price. The clips that hold the legs in position move almost an entire inch without any tension on them, the knobs that let the legs fall out and lock feel like you can easily pop them off, and when extended outwards, the tripod head doesn't really feel like it locks in place unless you torque the main knob down.At the end of the day, it works, and the flaws I mentioned haven't really interfered with anything other than my confidence in the unit, so I don't think I should take off more than one star, but at the same time, its definitely not a 5 star tripod at this price in my opinion.
Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4 Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4 Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4 Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4 Its a 3 star quality, but the features bump it up to 4
Great tripod.
Large tripod, multi-angle central column, quick leg locks, robust and with a high-quality carrying case.
Great tripod. Great tripod. Great tripod.
Super heavy-duty tripod with detachable lightweight monopod
I didn’t realize that tripods could be so expensive, but I guess it’s one of those items that speak true of you get what you pay for! A cheap camera tripod that we just purchased a couple of years ago recently broke, so we decided to invest in a heavy-duty professional tripod. One that would be durable enough to last us for years to come and be able to hold our camcorder and also be compatible with our mirrorless camera and a DSLR camera in case we decide to get one in the future. We wanted to get a reliable tripod in time to capture footage to see the Neowise Comet which only orbits the sun every 7000 years, so it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately it was too hazy and there were too many clouds the two times that we drove out to the mountains, but this tripod held up like a champ in the 50 degree Fahrenheit cold weather and windy conditions. The instructions say not to use this in temperatures below minus 40 degrees or higher than 100 degrees.The tripod is made of sturdy aluminum alloy tubes. The KF-28 metal ball head provides a maximum load capacity of 22 pounds and can be rotated 360 degrees which can easily hold a heavy DSLR camera and makes for excellent panoramic shooting. Make sure not to exceed the maximum specified load. This tripod is easy to set up simply by flipping the legs the opposite way and using the clamps to secure in place. There are four (4) leg sections and the knob allows you to adjust the height. The height with the two (2) center sections column can be extended to 93.8 inches which is pretty tall and makes it good for taking large group photos from an overview vantage point. The height without the column reaches 67.7 inches. There is also a detachable lightweight monopod that can extend to 98.4 inches for your different photography needs. For panoramic shots, the central column moves from 0 to 180 degrees and can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally.This also comes with a nice, durable carrying case to keep your tripod protected and makes it portable for travel. The case also has a strap that you can use to carry on your shoulder for better convenience. My only gripe is the weight. Since this is so heavy duty, this weighs a little over six (6) pounds which is heavier than most tripods, but this is definitely the nicest tripod we’ve owned and you can tell from the high quality and detail. When my husband uses it to take footage with our camcorder, it is very stable and I’m sure this will last us for many years!
Super heavy-duty tripod with detachable lightweight monopod Super heavy-duty tripod with detachable lightweight monopod Super heavy-duty tripod with detachable lightweight monopod

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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as long as the gopro has a standard 1/4 screw mount, it could work with this tripod. 
For how to install the center column, please refer to this video https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
No. I bought it based on the claim that it would support the weight, but it doesn't. However, i have found that if I don't try to use the cantilevered function, but just use the height of the combined tripod and arm (straight up) and the ball joint holding the binoculars, I have more than enough height to see anything up to about 75 degrees comfortably. In the video, the eyepieces are at 6', and there is easily another foot of extension available. 
Yes, it has a level bubble. If you look closely in the photographs, there is a round shape near where the camera locks on. That is where the level bubble resides, in the circular protrusion with light green inside. It's hard to see in the photos due to the angles, but it's definitely there! I have this tripod and use the bubble all the time. 
For how to install the foot locking system, please refer to this video https://youtu.be/jZb6Fn6T_u0. 
K&F SA254T1 Tripod for Canon Nikon Camera Professional DSLR Photography 93Inch Aluminium
Tripod General
Load Capacity 10kg/22.05lbs
Maximum Working Height 2385mm/93.90"
Max Height without Center Column 1720mm/67.72"
Minimum Working Height 690mm/27.17"
Folded Length 570mm/22.44"
Weight 2000g/4.41lbs
Materials Magnesium aluminum alloy
Ball Head Ball Head
Color Orange/Black
Bubble Level
Tripod Legs
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Positions 3
Independent Leg Spread
Leg Sections 4
Leg Diameter 16-25mm/0.63-0.98"
Feet Features Can be reversed 180° and folded
Tripod Center Column
Center Column Features
Center Column Sections