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KV37 77mm Fader Variable Adjustable ND Filter ND2-ND400 - Ultra-Slim & Multi-Coated

5 26 Review(s) KF01.1392
A$36.99 A$73.98
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • K&F Concept 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter ND2 to ND400(9 Stop) Fader Adjustable ND Lens Filter, Ultra-Slim/Multi Coated for Camera Lens
  • KF01.1392
  • SKU: KF01.1392
  • 36.99
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  • * 【Variable ND Filter】K&F CONCEPT ND2-400 Filter reduce the light from 1 to 9 f-stops.
  • * 【Material】Made by Completed Professional Optical Glasses, with double-side multilayer blue coating to help repel water.
  • * 【Exposure Reduction】ND filters are good for rivers, waterfalls, and other bodies of water, especially under bright light. The longer exposure times allows for smoother water movements, shallower depth of field, and blurred motion.
  • * 【Ultra-Slim】The filter frame is only 7.3mm, and super lightweight CNC ring used in construction prevents adverse effect
  • * 【Note】This Filter kit is compatible with all 77mm lenses. Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "ø" (diameter) symbol.
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Enables slow shutter speeds to be used to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, providing a silky smooth affect to flowing water.
Without ND Filter
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The border is thick, causing vignetting around
K&F Concept
Thin frame design to ensure no dark corner
Exquisite Pattern Frame
CNC Trapezoidal Pattern Frame
Coated on Both Sides
Reduction of scattering light
Exquisite Box
prevents damage during transportation
NDnumber Optical density f-stop reduction Fractional transmittance
  0 0 100%
ND2 0.3 1 50%
ND4 0.6 2 25%
ND8 0.9 3 12.50%
ND16 1.2 4 6.25%
ND32 1.50 5 3.13%
ND64 1.8 6 1.56%
ND100 2 623 1%
ND128 2.1 7 0.78%
ND256 2.4 8 0.39%
ND400 2.6 823 0.25%
ND512 2.7 9 0.20%
ND1024/ND1000 3 10 0.10%
ND2000 3.3 11 0.05%
ND4000 3.6 12 0.025%
ND8000 3.9 13 0.0125%
ND32000 4.5 15 0.003%
Reviews (26)
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Great VND for the price. Easy to use. Will help open up your lens and save your lights
I have had this VND for a little over a month now and I can say it is a very useful bit of kit to have in the bag.Natural light shooters will appreciate being able to cut down light to shoot at wider apertures, and strobists will like that plus the ability to stop down ambient light to match strobe lighting without having to go into HSS.I haven't tested it with video, as I primarily shoot stills, but for the film shooter on the go, this would be very useful.Quality seems to be there, its a metal filter, and the glass elements seem well constructed. I was able to count hairs on heads, so the effect on a cameras resolving power seems to be little to none, which is good. Autofocus on the a9 and the 70-200 GM seemed to be fineIt comes with a little plastic case, which fit nicely into the bag without taking up too much space.The adjustment of the filter is obviously easier without the lens hood, even though the 70-200 GM has a built in access for adjusting VND'sI did a quick backyard test with my son to illustrate the exposure versatility of VND and it does indeed provide 9 stops of exposure adjustment. Having that flexibility is useful for many different types and styles of video and photography. I provided a composited image showing the 10 frames I shot.I also included an image where I used the filter to allow me to slow down the shutter, and turn the water circling around a boat into something with a more dreamy, or painterly effect.The last shot is using the reflective blue tint on the filter element to reflect the clouds over the image of the boat to create a double exposure look, the VND allowed me to only cut some of the light and still create a reflection, opposed to using a cell phone, or a mirror which are totally opaque. to do this, i took the VND off the lens and angled it in front with my hand until I got the composition i wanted.Few tips for people new to using filters or VND's, don't over tighten the filter onto the lens. These things are made to be lowprofile and have fine threads, so go easy. There is a tick mark on the non-rotating part of the VND. Make sure you adjust the rotating marks on the filter off the position of the non-rotating tick mark. There are no clicks, or hard stops, just a fluid movement, so keep an eye on your adjustments if your moving around a lot. lighting conditions can change. Lastly, you shouldn't be using this indoors, unless you are trying to hss lights or purposefully cut lighting. VND's of all kinds typically don't have a neutral setting, so they are always cutting down some amount of light. Typically, indoors you want to be gathering as much light as your can. So when you come indoors, pop the filter back in the bag.Overall, I would recommend this VND filter. There are much higher priced VNDs out there, but if you're here, then your probably not looking at the $200+ VNDs on the market. This is a good filter and will get you great results, plus the blue tint on the glass element looks really cool.I have really enjoyed shooting with the VND, hope you like yours
Great VND for the price. Easy to use. Will help open up your lens and save your lights
Just like it was described
Love this
Nd 67 mm
Very good
Way to dramatic photography
Initially I was skeptical about buying this expensive filter but still gave it a shot. The results are amazing, specially when you use a flash, the background gets dark and the pictures look dramatic. Needless to say that it will work great for long exposure shots too.
Will buy again.
This Nd filter is awesome

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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From 1-5 stops, there will be a slight X cross for lens under 24mm. An X cross will appear at the highest stop and can be removed by rotating the filter ring, which is a normal situation instead of a quality issue. 
Tested with Nikon Z 7 and Nikor 14-30mm Sline, dark corners are not obvious for 14mm and no dark corners for 16mm. 
As K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters adjusts the amount of light that can pass through with polarizing glass, a colour cast can't be avoided for all the variable ND filters on the market. However, K&F Concept variable ND filters are made by the best coating technology, which reduces the effect of the polarizing film on image color. *Based on our professional test, the colour cast of K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters is around 290k while the industry standard is 500k. 
To avoid dark corners, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters are designed in ultra-wide construction so the front side of the ND filter is one size larger than the camera lens. It is recommended to use a lens hood of a larger size. 
First, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter allows changing shutter speed based on the effect you want with the best sensibility and the same aperture. Second, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter allows creating a blurred background with a large aperture while the shutter speed remains the same. Third, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter is designed to prevent overexposure and maintain image purity and quality at the same time. *Like a zoom lens, the variable nd filters are suitable for multiple shooting situations. If you're looking for perfect image quality, a fixed ND filter is recommended. 
K&F KV33 ND Fader Variable Neutral Density Filter ND2 to ND400 for Camera Lens Ultra-Slim
size 77mm
Filter Material Optical glass
Filter Thickness 7.0mm
Shape Circle
Ring Material Aviation aluminum alloy