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Camera leather wrist strap, LYNCA E6 adjustable camera grip belt (with quick release plate), excellent grip stability and safety, suitable for Canon Nikon, Sony Fujifilm DSLR cameras, etc. (black)

4.6 39 Review(s) GW44.0001
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A$47.49 A$79.22 40% OFF
&FREE Shipping to Australia
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept camera leather wrist strap, lynca e6 adjustable camera grip belt (with quick release plate), excellent grip stability and safety, suitable for canon nikon, sony fujifilm dslr cameras, etc. (black) online, A$47.49 free shipping to Australia.
  • GW44.0001
  • SKU: GW44.0001
  • 47.49
  • * One end is a 1/4" screw quick release plate, and the other end is an adjustable hand strap, which can be firmly fitted to any hand shape. The material is made of high-quality genuine leather and is durable. The eye buckle allows you to use the camera shoulder at the same time Band and wrist strap
  • * The camera leather wrist strap provides additional safety protection and helps prevent accidental slipping out of your hand. Provide better protection for the wrist and camera, and enjoy shooting at any time.
  • * Filled with professional-quality leather grip belt, the hand pad fits comfortably on your palm, supports comfortably during use, and stabilizes the camera during shooting, which can effectively relieve hand fatigue. Easy to install and comfortable to use.
  • * The camera strap is adjustable, so you can adjust it as needed. The cowhide material filling ensures soft and comfortable use all day long. Brings higher stability and comfort for handheld camera shooting.
  • * Use the fast grip hand strap with any digital SLR camera, pocket camera or point-and-shoot camera. One end of the cable tie is connected to the camera lug, and the other end is screwed directly into the camera base through the tripod mount.

nameSLR camera wrist strap material
Reviews (39)
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It's quantity
I Love this new wrist strap. Sooooooo much better. Going to purchase a second one
Item arrived very quickly!
The item manufacturer COULD have hit a home run with this item.However, like many of the other reviewer's have pointed out (they) chose to make the base plate out of PLASTIC. I now have to buy a metal plate to replace it with. Maybe should have gone another route............
Functional and attractive
It fits well and looks really good too
Can’t reach the shutter button when your hands are in it.
wrist strap
it's nice but dosn't work well with a camera with battery grip
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Yes, it can be mounted on top of a tripod and will fit 90% of tripods. 
It is metal.